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More About Amy

Some people just naturally soar to higher heights.

They have a “big life” blueprint and they follow it.

They achieve their wildest dreams and then some.

That was not me.

During my single years, sure. I was talking a big game and probably making some of that come true. I had a few solid ad agency jobs and then became in-house marketing for tech companies. I loved my work and was feeling good about where I was headed. 

Then I got married and had kids.

And I sort of lost myself.

I stopped working to raise my family and my ties to work life began to atrophy. 

If I’m honest, I was relieved to leave the rat race for a bit. The pace of it was wearing on me and I was happy to slow down to take care of my kiddos. I put a ton of emotional energy into my work, probably too much, and it was a relief to put some focus back on myself. The slow groove of childcare suited me.

At least that’s what I told myself.

Looking back, it was nice to be with the kids, sure. And I convinced myself that I was lucky to not have to work. But let’s be honest, as much as work can drain you, it can fill you up too. It can be a source of confidence and growth. It can be a place where you create your own destiny that isn’t intertwined with the people in your household. A source of freedom (money!) and self-mastery.

Work helps you become a more interesting, accomplished, and self-realized person.

I denied that truth and turned down many offers to return to work. I was playing it small by not sharing all of my gifts with the world. I had lots of knowledge and energy to share with some lucky company, but instead, I focused on the laundry and setting up carpools. (which, incidentally, I still love, but I don’t allow it to CONSUME me. You know what I mean?)

Fortunately, my husband lost his job in 2018. 



I mean, sure, it was devastating; financially difficult and tough on our marriage too. But at the core of it was this truth: I needed to play a bigger game. 

I didn’t know any more than that. But I was convinced that it was truth.

I started my own tiny company and began to get some clients. I had no idea what I was doing but I had no time to think about that. My focus was getting our family back on track. Along the way, some very cool things happened. 

I regained confidence. I dusted off my skills. I made new connections.

I changed my attitude about work. Instead of convincing myself it drained me, I became convinced of the opposite. It gave me life. It feeds me.

This change allowed me to follow my big life blueprint.

My first client in my newfound business as a copywriter is a career coach. My work with her and other work-related coaches has allowed me to take a deep dive into issues like interview prep, work negotiations, self-development at work, and leadership. I have written many articles on what holds us back from being our best selves. 

It is my passion to uncover my own best self and to help you find yours too.

I know how tough it is to make a life change. I faced so many challenges in my back-to-work process - and the challenges never end. But we can understand why hold back when a challenge presents itself and say, “Now way. It’s not holding me back today!” My joy is deeply understanding why we’re wired for fear and worry and how we can use our minds and resources to create more happiness in our lives.

I love working with Tracey to help you step out of your current reality and shape the next phase of your life, no matter how big or small that change may be.

Looking forward to working with you.


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