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Start NOW

It is really easy to get off-track during this pandemic, and we want to help you stay the course.  

We know how hard it is to keep your job search goals front and center what with homeschooling and trying to safely provide your family with everything you need to survive the quarantine. 

We can help you use the little time you have to keep up the momentum in your job search. 

We created a new group called "Start Now." It’s designed to bring laser focus to your job search so the little time you do have isn’t wasted. We believe you can make meaningful progress even during a pandemic. 

In fact, many experts are saying that now is the time to double-down on your job search efforts. 

We planned it out so you can get important stuff done:

We’ll Zoom weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. We will hold you accountable for your big job search goals. And we’ll help you establish bite-sized weekly goals during our time together so you can see measurable progress during your time with the group.

We will have 6 total seats available and would love for you to join us. 

We meet on Thursdays 10-11:30am starting on June 7th.

About Start NOW: About
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