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The Career Launchpad PLUS

The Career Launchpad Plus success group gives you all the great tools that you get from our original Career Launchpad group, in addition to tools from the world-famous Now What?® coaching program, created by Laura Berman Fortgang, Master Coach and author of “Now What?® 90 Days to a New Life Direction.” Now What?® applies Laura’s 25 years of coaching experience and her unique insight into what makes people happiest and feel most fulfilled in their work (and life). This program has helped the lives of hundreds of people around the globe.

Wait, what do you mean when you say, “success group?” 

A success group is a group of people with a common goal. They meet regularly to tackle issues in their individual professional lives. They motivate and advise each other. They also keep each other accountable so they can each achieve their goals and enjoy their success.

Every week you’ll dive a little deeper into your authentic self via the lesson taught during our online group meetings. Then we will Mastermind about your next steps that will bring you closer to your ideal life. You’ll have time to focus on yourself. Get clarity and direction, with the help of Tracey, Amy, and the group during every meeting. You will learn to use your values and needs as a guide for your next move. We’ll support you to take action and start living your best life NOW.

With The Career Launchpad Plus success group, you will receive accountability and direction from real live people who share your goals and dreams and really want to help you succeed. It’s been proven that people go further and faster with a group behind them. 

This Group Is For You If...

If you are committed to creating more happiness in your life and:

  • You find yourself drifting; other priorities pop up, and your life restructuring efforts get quickly deflated. You need some laser focus to get important work done!

  • You waste time deciding what’s next; you don’t know if you should get a different job, if you should take a sabbatical, and on and on. You need clarity to move you forward and stop wasting time.

  • You are all thumbs when it comes to, writing a cover letter, negotiating a salary, etc. You need the right tools and strategies to feel confident and professional in your job search. 

  • You lack the self-confidence you once had, and aren’t sure how marketable you are these days.

  • The group is also a perfect fit for professionals who aren't ready to leave their current job, but want to be in control should their situation change. 

Our Program

This is a 2-month program of learning, working hard and providing support to each other.  All weekly calls are virtual, on Zoom.

The 2-month program includes:

  • 7 success group coaching calls

  • 1 vision board workshop

  • 7 career skill lessons 

  • 7 Now What? Career exploration lessons

  • Resume + LinkedIn feedback & advice

  • Personal branding feedback & advice

  • 1 group networking event

Group Calls + Career Skill Lessons

Before each call, you’ll receive a video Career Skill Lesson and Now What?® lesson, taught by Tracey. You will review these best practices videos each week before the meeting so you can ask questions or discuss best practices during the call. 

Career Skill Lesson topics include: 

  • Goal Setting

  • Personal Branding

  • Networking

  • Resumes

  • Cover Letters

  • LinkedIn Profiles

  • Interview Skills

Now What?® Career exploration lesson topics include:

  • What exactly you want from your next career move

  • Your hard and soft skills that you’ve gained through your career  

  • Limiting Beliefs that may be holding you back and keeping you stuck

  • Examining your life, looking for indicators for your future career 

  • Your purpose and connecting to what meaningful work means to you

  • Identifying careers and jobs that are in line with your purpose

  • Needs and values and your unique criteria for happiness at work

At the end of the program, you will have:

  • Clarity around your needs and values as they relate to your career

  • Determine your unique criteria for happiness in work and life 

  • An understanding of how your past shows you clues to your future direction 

  • Identified and broken through limiting mindsets that are keeping you stuck

  • A toolbox of your unique soft and hard skills that you can carry forward to any job

  • A clear strategy and plan for how to approach your career change moving forward

  • A professional resume that will help you stand out

  • A complete LinkedIn profile that attracts the right people

  • Customized cover letter review and advice plus cover letter rewrite and template for changes

  • A polished and professional “story” of your career path and future career goals 

  • Your own individual personal branding strategy

  • Your individual Elevator Pitch

  • Clear priorities and goals, solidified through creating your own vision board

Accelerate your job search with:

  • Accountability that helps you stay motivated and get way more done than you ever could on your own

  • Perspectives and ideas from Tracey, Amy, and other job-seekers that will help you “unlock” any mental blocks so you can truly go for it and stop holding yourself back

  • Lessons about all the essential tools (and many advanced tools too!) of job searching

  • An expanded professional network. Networking is considered to be the single most effective way to find a job so we encourage you to network with other job seekers in a relaxed, comfortable environment. 

  • Emotional support in a confidential, safe group setting

  • A members-only Slack group that gives you access to the members between meetings. Use this online forum to ask questions, share your insights, opinions, and feedback and get support from the other members. This group stays active for 3 months after The Career Launchpad ends, for continued support

  • Online access to Amy’s and Tracey’s favorite job hunting resources including info on salary negotiation, advanced LinkedIn strategies, helpful podcasts, live events, and other powerful tools

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