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Get A High-Performing LinkedIn Profile In 2 Hours

-A Workshop For Busy Professionals- 

LinkedIn is used by over 740+ million users and is the driving force behind countless successful job searches. In this easy-to-follow, fun workshop you’ll learn how to make your profile searchable for the recruiters and companies you are targeting, understand how to use your connections to land an interview, and develop a strategy to make the most of LinkedIn during your job search. Come out of the workshop with:

-An Attention-Grabbing Profile that puts you at the front of the line for jobs you want. You’ll learn what makes a good headline and what to include so your profile gets in front of the right people.

-A Personal Brand that helps you “get picked” for your dream job. You’ll understand how to present yourself so it’s a no-brainer that recruiters and HR Directors will want to know more.

-Real-time Feedback on your profile from an experienced recruiter and personal branding expert.

This 2-hour workshop is designed to help you create your own profile with the guidance of LinkedIn pros. We show you the basics and give you the tools and strategies that make the most significant difference in the shortest amount of time. Because we know you’re busy!

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